Fairfield Ludlowe High School Boys Lacrosse

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Ryan Desmond


1.     Ryan, you recently graduated LeMoyne with a National Championship. You are the first Ludlowe alum to achieve that. Congratulations. What was it like before that Championship Game?

Before the game I was numb. My mind was racing. All the preparation in 95 degree weather, jam packed into five days, was grueling. Thinking about my role in this game and the high stakes was intimidating. But, when I finally stepped foot onto Lincoln Financial Field, I was no longer nervous. Staring down the Limestone players that I would be guarding, feeling the energy from my teammates surrounding me, I was locked in. My surroundings became still as I waited anxiously for the ref to blow the whistle.

2.     What was it like after?

Most of the game was a blur to be honest but I remember the last 5 minutes when we took a 3 goal lead. That is when I knew we were going to win. After the game was incredible. Sprinting onto the field, throwing my gloves and helmet a mile away, Jumping into a dog pile. I had so much pressure before and during the game that was finally released. Nothing but pure happiness. I pictured us winning so many times and it was finally a dream come true. When I got back into the locker room, holding the trophy, I was so proud of my team and the mission we accomplished. But honestly, my favorite part was getting off the bus and to the tailgate. All our incredible fans, parents and close friends from Le Moyne and Fairfield were all waiting outside the bus. I now knew what it felt like to be a champion.

3.  You were a key component on that team, what would you say was your biggest strength?

My biggest strength was my ability to buy into my coach’s system. Knowing my role, which at the time was to play lock down defense, get ground balls, box out on the wing, keep it simple, break out on clears, and be a work horse, had to be done perfectly. If I did my job, I trusted my teammates to do theirs. My biggest strength was my work ethic on and off the field. I brought the energy. And most importantly, I played as a team player.

4.     What would you say to Ludlowe laxers who want to play after HS graduation?

College coaches like players that listen, give it their all constantly, run the extra mile after practice, and don’t try to do too much. In college, everyone is athletic, it is their stick skills that usually separate a starter from a bench player. Something I wish I did more in HS was simplify my game. Shoot the smart shots instead of the 25 yard top corner “for the fans” shot that will 9/10 times be a save.

5.   What have you been up to since graduation? Any plans to keep a stick in your hand playing or coaching?

I currently work in Boston at a company called Turbonomic selling software. It is a young, competitive environment that is fast past. I definitely plan to keep the stick in my hand! There are a couple box and field lacrosse leagues in Boston that I plan to join this spring with other Le Moyne Alumni in the spring.