Fairfield Ludlowe High School Boys Lacrosse

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PALS is still looking for volunteers for the 2018-2019 season. Please see the openings below marked "NEED" and email pals@ludlowe.com if you would like to help. 


PALS Volunteers    
Class Liaisons name email
Class of 2019 NEED  
Class of 2020 Bill Kelleher wm.kelleher3@gmail.com
  Michele Keesser MKeesser@optonline.net
Class of 2021 Chris Spencer, cbspence@optonline.net
  Cindy Fratarcangeli cindyfrat@optonline.net
Class of 2022 Shannon Carr scarr_90@hotmail.com
  Kyle McCarthy kyleannmccarthy@gmail.com
Philanthrophy Events Joy Lawrence joylawrenceslp@gmail.com
Pasta Dinners Gillian Anderson  
  Bill Kelleher wm.kelleher3@gmail.com
  Leigh Palumbo cleighpal@gmail.com
  Jacqui Coghlan jaquicoghlan@yahoo.com
  Kyle McCarthy kyleannmccarthy@gmail.com
West Point Tailgate Linda Hinkley sunnysintra@aol.com
  Chris Spencer cbspence@optonline.net
  Glen Zimmerman Zimmoz@optonline.net
  Mike Carr michael.carr@snapon.com
  Therese Liptak aerobics12@optonline.net
  Hugh Bartlett HJBART16@aol.com
Off Season Activities Chris Spencer cbspence@optonline.net
End of Season Banquet Deb Owens djowens@optonline.net
  Christi Rose christi.rose@gmail.com
  Meg Kelleher megkelleher@optonline.net
Senior Night Therese Liptak aerobics12@optonline.net
  Joy Lawrence joylawrenceslp@gmail.com
  Gillian Anderson  
  Cindy Fratarcangeli  

Joan Fleming

  Michelle Bartlett  
  Michele Keesser  
  Eileen Wheeler  
2019 Gear and Merchandise Michele Keesser MKeesser@optonline.net
Fundraising John Kuhn john.kuhn@gmail.com
  Chris Tormey  
  Terry Moltzau tmoltzau@yahoo.com
  Christi Rose christi.rose@gmail.com