Fairfield Ludlowe High School Boys Lacrosse

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PALS Organizational Meeting Summary

***PALS is still looking for volunteers*** 

Please email one of the Executive Committee members if you are interested in helping your son's team.

PALS Executive Committee

Bryan Thompson -  bhthompson67@gmail.com

Todd Chandler - todd@chandlerfamily.com

Cindy Fratarcangeli -  


Class Liasons 

Junior (2019)

Kelly Russell -  Kellyrussell27@gmail.com

Deb Owens - djowens@optonline.net

Sophmore (2020)

Carolyn Tormey -  cltormey@optonline.net

Joy Lawrence -  joylawrencelp@gmail.com

Freshman (2021)

Chris Spencer -  

Joan Flemming - 


Fundraising Committee

Christi Rose -  christi.rose@gmail.com

Terry Moltzau -  tmoltzau@yahoo.com

Michele Keesser - mkeesser@optonline.net

*Need 1 Additional Volunteers ASAP!!! 


Pasta Dinners and Away Game Food Committee

Jen Chandler - jen@chandlerfamily.com

Ginger Thompson - gingerthompson5@yahoo.com

Chris Larson -  Larsons1@optonline.net

Julie McGoldrick -  

Senior Game Night Committee

Chris Larson -  Larsons1@optonline.net

Sharon and Jeff Meyers -  smeyers@fairfieldschools.org

Jillian and Erik Anderson -  eanderson06@snet.net


Team End Of Season Award Dinner

Chris Larson -  Larsons1@optonline.net

Sharon and Jim Meyers -  smeyers@fairfieldschools.org


Fall Off Season Activities Committee (Fall 2018)

Chris Spencer -  

Erik Anderson -  eanderson06@snet.net

Jim Hummestone - hummeram@optonline.net


Fall 2018 Team Store (Fall 2018)

Deb Owens - djowens@optonline.net

Mary Macri - marylmacri@gmail

Leslie Geary - ctgearys@optonline.net